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Financial Policies

Our Philosophy:

Strongsville Chiropractic Neurology DOES NOT participate as panel providers with many managed care organizations (MCO). With the exception of most approved Workers Compensation panels, which we have carefully scrutinized, we have withdrawn our participation as in-plan providers in many of the group health MCOs.

As a practicing physician you are experiencing the financial constraints which have been placed on your practice and your patients. You have been forced to offer your patient the least possible care necessary to maintain their health and keep in good standing with the MCOs. You are conservative with your specialty referrals and orders for sophisticated imaging studies because you are aware that when these services are ordered they become part of your provider profile. Providers with high rates of referral are not appreciated in the managed care environment.

Having directed Strongsville Chiropractic Neurology towards the management of traumatic injuries we have found ourselves in the position whereby we cannot ethically serve our patient’s rehabilitation needs and at the same time provide care consistent with the extraordinary limitations of a managed care environment. The minimal care offered by MCOs is inconsistent with our patient’s needs. Fortunately, many of our patient have concomitant litigation which allows for a third party source of full payment. Unlike most providers, we have been fortunate to survive and thrive outside the managed care world.


In many states physical therapists have direct access to patients in varying degrees. This reflects a legislative recognition of the improved and more comprehensive education of of physical therapists. As more and more states recognize the autonomy of physical therapists and their ability to self direct care we will see greater solo management by these qualified specialists.

At this time, the majority of physical therapy providers acknowledge that direct access is a move in the right direction. They also acknowledge that not all therapists have the education and skills to differentially diagnose patients and rule-out conditions that are not within their diagnostic scope. Until that skill has matured, and it has been with new PTs earning doctorate level dgrees (DPT), it is best to have physical therapy care coordinated between the gatekeeper physician and the specific therapy provider.

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