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Automobile Accidents

Being involved in a car accident without being injured is something to be thankful for.  That isn't always the case though.  For those who are injured the pain can be immediate, or it can take several days to develop.  Therefore, understanding what to do after you’ve been involved in an accident is important.

The most important first step is a prompt physical exam to determine the type and extent of your injury.  A thorough examination by a chiropractic physician is a wise precaution that will help to determine the presence of underlying injuries that may not be immediately apparent.  A doctor of chiropractic trained in trauma management will provide the most comprehensive exam to determine the extent of any injuries caused by your accident.

Serious injuries do not always result in immediate pain, broken bones, or bloodshed.  Although the more dramatic wounds which require surgery or hospitalization will dictate the initial course of your care, other serious and costly injuries can result from auto accidents.  Doctors of Chiropractic are well-qualified to detect and treat a variety of injuries to the spine, nerves, and other related structures.

Common Injuries

With collisions under 10 mph, the force of the impact is not sufficient to cause the car body metal to bend.  Instead, the force is transmitted in full to the occupants.  This rapid acceleration causes muscle and ligament damage, seat belt bruises, and in some cases Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI). Other symptoms may be delayed, but pain and stiffness typically occurs within anywhere from a few hours to two days after your accident.

With collisions over 10 mph, not only do you get muscle and ligament damage from the rapid acceleration, you get injured from the body striking objects inside the vehicle such as the airbag, the steering wheel, the dashboard, or a window.  This results in knee and shoulder injuries, wrist sprains and fractures, concussions, and Traumatic Cervical Syndrome (aka Whiplash).  Whiplash is a rapid and violent snapping of the head and neck backward and forward at a rate faster than the muscles and ligaments can tolerate.   

Some symptoms include swelling, tenderness, weakness or pain in the neck and shoulder, pain radiating into the arm, sore throat and/or loss of voice, trouble swallowing, jaw problems, vomiting, flashing lights in the visual field, headache, light-headedness or dizziness, numbness or painful tingling sensations, visual disturbances or blurred vision, loss of smell, and ringing in the ears. In some cases, if the pain doesn’t present itself within the first couple of hours following the accident, it may appear within the next two to three days.

Get Legal Counsel

There are many pitfalls in trying to handle the insurance claim by your self. If you do not understand insurance and liability, then you are negotiating a settlement with a professional who does this day in and day out.  The goal of the insurance adjuster is to minimize financial liability in a claim.  It doesn't necessrily mean that they are trying to cheat you.  That's just their job. 

Dealing with an insurance company without legal representation lacks the leverage of being able to file a lawsuit if they refuse to settle for a reasonable amount.  Having an attorney represent you levels the playing field and prevents some of the less than "fair" tactics being used to take advantage of you.

A personal injury attorney can make sure that you are fairly compensated for:

  ● Your vehicle damage
  ● Lost wages
  ● Pain and Suffering
  ● Current and future medical expenses
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