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Personal Injury Mastermind Group

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Personal Injury Success

Our Mastermind Group meets once per month on Thursday evening for one hour, and we discuss various topics on personal injury cases from a clinical and legal perspective.  In our group I help the attorney understand triage and clinical reasoning in proper case management, and I learn from you the legal issues you face in both trial and settlement scenarios.  Together we raise the bar in representing our clients.

If you are interested in joining us, email me at:  There is no fee to join, and you can download the presetation and audio files from our past meetings below.
Mastermind Meetings

Meeting 1: Disc Injury, Ins. Settlement Formulas, Case Management

Meeting 2: Language of Colossus, Chronology of Symptoms, Pre-existing Conditions, Modic Changes, Case Management


Meeting 1

Meeting 2


Audio 1

Audio 2

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