Chiropractic Care for Acute and Chronic Pain, Auto Accidents, and Work Related Injuries
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Dr. Simokovich began practicing in 1991, helping those who suffer with pain to regain a healthy and pain-free lifestyle without drugs or surgery.  He specializes in treating auto and work related injuries.  He is passionate about continuing education and has completed Diplomate studies in Functional Neurology, Functional Medicine, and Management of traumatic injuries.

"After more than 25 years treating injured patients I’ve learned to appreciate that every patient is unique even though they may have similar injuries. At Strongsville Chiropractic Neurology we treat every patient as an individual with distinct and diverse needs, the way that we would want our own family treated. We do everything we can to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

In his spare time he enjoys woodworking and playing the guitar.

Laurie is our patient advocate and office manager.  She brings an unparalleled level of passion and enthusiasm to her work as a chiropractic assistant and has been around the profession for over 20 years either as a patient, as an office manager, or as a chiropractic booster.  Whether assisting with patient care or dealing with insurance issues, Laurie's top priority is your satisfaction.

Laurie is an advocate for animal rights and conducts various fund-raisers to help animals in need.  In her spare time, she enjoys the outdoors and spends much of her time with her three adopted Greyhounds, Sienna, Brycee, and Mykala.
Mary is our massage therapist, and she has been descdribed by many of her clients as "having the hands of an angel".  Whether your preference is a relaxing Swedish massage or a Deep Tissue massage, she has incredible strength and stamina, and can accurately adjust the force of her pressure to your specific needs and preferneces.  Mary specializes in working with those who suffer with Multiple Sclerosis. 

Mary is a sports enthusiast, and in her spare time she enjoys attending local sporting events here in Cleveland.
Strongsville Chiropractic Neurology
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