Chiropractic Care for Acute and Chronic Pain, Auto Accidents, and Work Related Injuries
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Why Use Chiropractors?

Primary Spine Care Specialists

Chiropractors are the primary doctors of choice for many reasons. Chiropractors are the physicians who have the greatest appreciation of the nature of a soft tissue injury. With the exception of pharmacology, the basic chiropractic education is equivalent to the basic medical education.

Chiropractors have extensive training in diagnosis, anatomy, physiology, orthopedics, neurology, radiology, and biomechanics, in addition to the basic core curriculum of their medical counterparts. They are by experience and training the soft tissue experts.

Dr. Simokovich has taken extensive post-graduate training in fields such as electrodiagnosis, neurology, radiology, spinal trauma, MRI interpretation, and orthopedics and is well prepared to demonstrate the nature of soft tissue damage. Generally, chiropractors are reasonable and easy to work with.

From the patients perspective the bottom line is results. Current research has clearly demonstrated that for the majority of injuries (particularly work and auto injuries) chiropractic is the most effective and least costly method of care. Chiropractors address the source of the patient’s pain rather than cover it up with medication. Therefore, your clients receive the maximum health benefit with the least financial exposure. Happy clients refer while content clients.

At Strongsville Chiropractic Neurology we get results and this is manifested by attorneys and patients who regularly refer. Having been closely scrutinized by insurance companies in the past, chiropractors have always had to take documentation measures which clearly demonstrate the underlying condition. Therefore, chiropractors are proficient at documenting soft tissue injury.

Also, because of their low rates for malpractice coverage, chiropractors are the only doctors who can afford the time necessary to properly document all aspects of an injury. At Strongsville Chiropractic Neurology our every effort is directed towards a thorough evaluation and objectification of the patient’s complaints. Next to clinical excellence in patient care, our most important job is to correlate causality with bodily injury and persistent functional loss so that attorneys can properly and effectively represent their clients and receive fair settlements.

Chiropractors write timely and accurate reports. According to the American Bar Association chiropractors manage more accidentally injured cases than any other health care professional. As a result, we are familiar with the necessary reporting procedures and can make your job less stressful. At Strongsville chiropractic Neurology it is our policy not to charge attorneys for routine reports or medical records.
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